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Medical Services

Routine Visit Procedures

Routine Eye Exam (S0620 or S0621)

Div. 1: Traditional Contact Lens Exam

Div. 2 Toric Lenses, RGP or Bifocal Lenses

Div. 3 Bitoric, RGP Bifocal, or Toric Bifocal lenses

Div. 4 Keratoconus or Corneal irregularity Fitting

Contact Lens Fitting (92310)

Contact Lens Insertion Removal Teaching

Brief Office after 30 days

Bilateral Dilation (92225-50)

Returned Dilation (92226-50)

Visual Field Screening (S9986)

Refraction (92015)

Photography Screening (S0625)

Screenings (S9986)

Medical Procedures

New Patient

(99202 or 92002)


(99204 or 92004)

Established Patient

(99212 or 92012)


(99214 or 92014)

Gonioscopy (92020)

30-2 Visual Fields Threshold Intermittent (92081)

30-2 Visual Fields Threshold Extended (92083)

Serial Tonometry (92100)

Unilateral Epilation (67820)

Bilateral Epilation (67820-50)

Foreign Body Removal

Conjectiva (65210)

Cornea (65222)

Collagen Plugs per puncta (68761)

Permanent Plugs per puncta (68761 & A4263)

Pachymetry (76514)

Bandage Contact Lens (92070-RT or LT)

Corneal Topography (92025)

Retinal Photography (92250)

External Ocular Photography (92285)

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